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Watertrack has been named the winner in the National 2008 savewater! awards® in the Product Innovation Category.

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Measuring and improving in-field irrigation performance and measuring seepage and evaporation losses in storages, channels and drains and storage volumes is the first step to better water management.

The next step is to “measure” and manage the whole farm or whole system water balance. That is, to be able to account for every megalitre of water brought onto the farm or into a group scheme as it is being used in:

  • crop growth
  • seepage and evaporation losses in each channel, drain or storage and
  • deep drainage losses below the crop root zone.
WaterTrack™ consists of three water balance packages:
  • WaterTrack Rapid™ - Rapid, low cost, total seasonal water use
  • WaterTrack Divider™ - Rapid, low cost, divided or segmented seasonal water use
  • WaterTrack Optimiser™ - Comprehensive detailed daily water use with prediction capability
These packages provide whole farm water balance information at different levels. As the names imply WaterTrack Rapid™ provides a rapid and simple summary of water use performance over a season and total losses while WaterTrack Divider™ provides a summary of seasonal water use performance but divides total losses into storage, channel, drain, operational and in-field losses. WaterTrack Optimiser™ provides a comprehensive daily whole farm or whole system water balance. It provides a full break down of water use and losses for each element plus the ability to predict water use and losses forward to optimise planted area.

All the packages increase production and profit per megalitre.

Watertrack Divider™ is a Seasonal Water Use Efficiency Calculator which provides:

Water Summary Report

  • Irrigation Water Supplies
  • Effective Rainfall
  • Change in Soil Moisture
  • Crop Water Requirements
  • Water Loss:
    • Storage
    • Channels
    • Drains
    • Operation
    • Field Application
Performance Indicators

10 Industry Standard Water Use Performance Indices including:
  • Irrigation Water Use Index
  • Total Irrigation Water Losses
  • Effective Rainfall
Benefit/Cost Calculator

How much money are potential water savings worth and how does that compare to the cost of implementing water saving measures?

What is the capital and annual benefit/cost ratios for infrastructure modernisation and what is the pay-back period for modernisation investment.